Docking Simulator Help
Michael Trigoboff
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To operate the simulator, just use the throttle and rudder controls.

To control the throttle, use the up and down arrow keys:

To steer, use the left and right arrow keys. Hit left or right more than once for more rudder action.

The throttle and rudder positions are indicated at the top of the simulation.

If you’d rather use two hands, you can use the "G" and "B" keys to control the throttle. “G” (for “Go”) moves the throttle ahead. “B” (for “Back”) moves the throttle back.

To set the wind or current, click in the appropriate circle at the right side of the simulator. The direction of the wind or current is from the center of the circle out to where you clicked, which will be indicated by a “clock hand” pointing in that direction. Click the “Zero” button or hit the “Z” key on your keyboard to return the wind and current values to zero.

To restore the boat to its initial position, click the “Start Over” button or hit the “S” key on your keyboard.

In all cases when hitting a letter key on the keyboard, either uppercase or lowercase will work.

If you hit the dock with the boat, the boat will stop. If you hit the dock too fast, the boat will turn red. If you hit the dock slow enough not to cause damage, the boat will turn green. Once the boat has hit the dock and stopped, the throttle automatically returns to the Neutral position. You can start the boat moving again by moving the throttle out of Neutral.

If the simulator stops responding to the keyboard, click your mouse on the boat. This will restore the system’s “focus” to the simulator, and it will once again start responding to the keyboard.

The boat in this simulator behaves like a single engine, I/O drive powered, planing hull. Wind will pivot this boat so that its stern points into the wind because the I/O drive, at the very rear of the boat, is the boat’s only significant drag-producing underwater structure.

In the future, I plan to provide inboard single screw and twin engine power boats, and sail boats.I hope you enjoy this docking simulator.

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